Shaking Up our Routines

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you back here in January. Cheers!

As we await a vaccine to turn our lives back to normal, there are things we can do now to change how we feel. Cooking forces you to “be in the moment” and shut everything else out.

Things we can do to improve our situation:

  • Try new recipes (there are 130 recipes on this blog alone. Scroll through them all to see what appeals to you. You may find other recipes on the resources page on this blog, too)
  • Try an app to do physical exercises at home
  • Write a journal and/or write old school letters and mail them to friends and family

Our routines and rhythms have been disturbed and interrupted in fits and starts for the better part of the year. In winter we wear a heavy coat, gloves, and a hat. This year there are more steps to take just to leave the house. We arm ourselves with masks; we rub sanitizer on our hands; and our temperatures are measured everywhere we go. Some people must find a balance between work and children at home for the first time. In addition, we can hardly touch anyone anymore, and friends may turn away from us out of fear or rules.

Things we can do to improve our situation:

  • Make video calls with friends and family
  • Read books just for fun, not because you must
  • Make your bed every day
  • Start, or continue, learning a new language

We cannot breathe – literally and figuratively. The battles, both political and civil, cut to the bone. Some friends won’t wear masks for illogical reasons. Other friends continue to see and interact with large groups of people despite the advice given. Hence, for some, these friends become less “dear.” Some family members continue to vote for the candidates and causes we do not support, causing, at times, unhealable rifts.

Things we can do to improve our situation:

  • Explore new entertainment series on your favorite platforms
  • Visit museums online
  • Ask your friends and family for new music recommendations
  • Try a new arts and crafts project

I’ve found that the most important thing for me to do is to try new things to disrupt my routines. We must shake ourselves into a more positive mindset. I’m ready to change my body chemistry as we approach the new year. How about you?


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Author: gregnelsoncooks

Visit weekly for original and adapted recipes as well as cooking tips to make your kitchen life easier — and more delicious! I’ll include simple, straight forward instructions along with recipes that are truly worth your time making. And, recipes that elevate the familiar and introduce you to the new and unexpected.

4 thoughts

  1. Greg, thank you for such an inspiring post for the end of this strange year. Lots of good advice and wow, all that great food! Congratulations on a year of showing up to your blog (and your kitchen) and sharing what you love with the world. Happy Holidays and all good things for the New Year!

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  2. Hi Greg, This is a wonderful post. I very much look forward to hearing what new creations you have come up with. We are hoping to reschedule our trip to Italy in 2022 and it would be nice to say hello again on person. I hope you continue to stay safe and healthy! Happy Holidays and wishes for a much improved New Year!


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